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Cakekitchen at The Stomach
a tasty morsel

The Stomach, Thursday Oct 12
Reviewed by Colin Williscroft

Moments of great beauty often turn up in unexpected places,
and The Stomach was such a place last Thursday night. Graeme
Jefferies had brought The Cakekitchen to town for the first time
in four years.

Those who made the effort to get out and see one of this country´s
finest musical exports were certaily not disappointed. Although better
known in this country as a three piece. The Cakekitchen are currently
just two, which is something Jefferies is obviously quite comfortable
with, having started the band as a two piece back in March 1988.

The latest ingrediant in the receipe is Frenchman Jean-Yves Douet
on drums, who adds a distinct flavour to the mixture. The sound itself
was classic Cakekitchen - songs stripped back to the basics so they
stood or fell on quality without hiding behind the trappings of "alternative"

The songs themselves were more often than not, multi-layered affairs,
with Jefferies´effortlessly making the jump from sweetly sentimental pop
through to torrential walls of sound, while Douet managed to find rhythms
few would even know existed.

The strength of it all was how the songs managed to direct shafts of light out
of relative gloom, illuminating everyday moments so they became something
special. The two hour set was a journey through old and new and although there
seemed a bit of filler every now and then, the moments of brillance kept shining

Some of the duo´s latest numbers have been recorded and are due for release
either late this year or early next year. An oppurtunity to have your cake and eat
it to. Jeffereis may have had a slight case of bronchitis, but his rich baritone seemed
hardly affected as he used it to great effect to highlight the ever changing moods
evoked by the music.

Overall, damn tasty.
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