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Taking the next chapter forward from Graeme’s stellar memoir Time Flowing Backwards’ (voted by Pitchfork’s ‘Mark Masters’ as one of the 10 best music books of 2019), we are happy to at last announce a new full length album called ‘Trouble Again in This Town’ is at last ready to go. This is his first new Cakekitchen release in 4 years and the first domestic release in the USA for 9 years. Culled from over twenty songs, this record continues the wayward path first exposed by his early Flying Nun solo album ‘Messages For the Cakekitchen’ but manages to cross the border of the limitations imposed by the old 1980s 4 track technology. So that it becomes something different again altogether. It’s also the first vinyl record to come out on new North Carolina label ‘Ally Records’ and has been manufactured in black, blue, yellow and empty coke bottle green.

Graeme plays all the instruments on the release (guitar, piano, viola, cello, drums and bass) and recorded all the songs over a period of years on his portable 16 track recorder in various houses and hallways in New Zealand, Germany and Australia. His meticulous ‘take as long as it takes’ approach to making records ensures a very wide pallet of sound colours can be heard on this record and although the material was initially conceived solo on either guitar or piano by the time he has completed a recording the arrangement is usually pretty complex and special and unlike most other people’s version of man at the microphone with no deadline and all the time in the world. Please hurry to the bandcamp site within, should you feel the need to own this record.

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